Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Stunned Mullet: Silver Scrolls Special Available to Download

Last week the 2007 Silver Scroll Awards were held. You've probably all heard by now that the winner was Brooke Fraser for her song Albertine. Not what we here at The Beach would have chosen, but there you go.

The awards themselves are a pretty glamourous affair but one of the nice features is that almost everyone there is actually a musician, rather than an industry hack. That's because the Silver Scrolls are the awards of a songwriters and performers organisation, APRA. In fact the winning song is voted by the members of APRA, the songwriters themselves.

A special feature of the award show is the performance of the five nominated songs by other musical artists. The idea behind this is that if the song is really good it should stand up to different interpretations, and not be completely bound with its original form and performance.

Also at this years awards there was the inaugural induction into the NZ Music Hall of Fame. While he might not have the cool factor of, say, Shane Carter, or the gravitas of Don McGlashan, the inductee, Jordan Luck, (pictured) has written songs, pop songs, that have endured and become part of the social fabric of our country. The announcement took many by surprise, not least of all Jordan, who described himself as a 'stunned mullet'. However, most felt the accolade was truly deserved.

You can hear interviews with the nominees, the performances of the nominated songs from the award ceremony and excerpts from the awards show (including a classic quote from Helen Clark) in the Counting The Beat Silver Scrolls Special available for streaming or download.


Anonymous said...

Marvelous stuff Chris! Loved the interview with Mr SJD, I think you even caught him out with the depth of your questioning!!!

Did make me laugh that you asked him to say "whenever I'm on Waiheke I always listen to COUNTING THE BEAT" rather than "the beach"!!

Good stuff!

Chris said...

Yeah, I'm pretty happy with the stings. I actually just told him the name of the show and he ad-libbed it. Nice to have something special for the show. I think the Helen Clark stings will get a fair bashing.