Saturday, April 01, 2006

Our Presenters

Barry J (AKA Dr Rock)
The Breakfast Show
The legend that is Barry J is Beach Radio’s flagship DJ and does the breakfast show each morning on the Beach. Well, put it this way... he gets up early and sits behind the decks but he doesn’t have the bubbly personality a breakfast host is supposed to have and he's no good at telling jokes either! Barry J's show is the breakfast show you have when you're not really having a breakfast show. That said he does play some pretty decent music you definitely won't hear anywhere else as well as doing a good impression of a one armed paperhanger in a gale of wind running between the music desk and the news-desk looking for the important, the relevant and the offbeat news of the day. Who the f*ck wants to be jolly in the morning anyway?Listen in: Monday - Thursday 7am - 10am

DJ Simon
Simon's celebrated Saturday lunchtime Show 'The Remix' is stuffed full of all the best of the new and recent significant releases from the UK , the States and New Zealand. Simon is also a self-confessed 'Bootleg' fanatic and you'll hear the cream of all recent remixes and Mash-ups all mixed into a beautiful 2 hour set!

Counting the Beat - The New Zealand Music Show
Chris brings you the very best of New Zealand music, old and new. Kiwi music news, feature albums, interviews, new releases and classics. From the mainstream to the very strange indeed. Counting the Beat is your home-grown music one-stop-shop. Listen in: Sunday’s 6-7pm and occasional Saturday's 9am -12pm

Country Mike

Country Mike's Hauraki Hoedown
Puttin' the ass back in bluegrass and the ho back in hoedown, Country Mike's Hauraki Hoedown whoops the Monday night blues back into the dirty bottle they came from! Scraping at the edges of Americana and stumbling his way across insurgent country to militant honky-tonk, murder ballads and other backwater jug band music, Country Mike chews through an eclectic and dangerous mix of diesel fumes, lost loves and lit matches. Listen in: Monday 8 - 10pm More Country Mike, here:

The Dirty ol' Blues Show & Tuesday Drive
Kippa is the islands' bluesman. Gigging across the island you'll also find him on Beach Radio every Sunday evening playing the best in blues from the original pioneers from the likes of Robert Johnson to the contemporary masters such as Eric Clapton. Listen in: Sunday 7-late and on Tuesday Drive 5 - 7pm

Out to Lunch and The Sunset Cafe
As the afternoon strolls into the evening join Laurie for a drink and a smoke at the Sunset Cafe. You'll find an eclectic mix of scrumptious sounds and tantalising tracks, as varied as the colours of the sunset, to slide you gently into your Saturday night. Sexy slow grooves through to dynamic dance and things that make you go hmmmm! Rich, full bodied and very smooth. Listen in: Saturday 4 - 8pm and Friday 12 - 5pm

Planet El
The Planet L Radio Show

Tune in, skin up and nod off to the show that doesn't so much open the doors of perception as take them off their hinges to be used for firewood. This show provides the soundtrack to the music inside your head - Cool acoustic astral space jams,monged out dub, tripped out beats,soulful torch songs, heart-breaking Americana and some genuinely weird vibes that you'll not hear anywhere else. It shouldn't work but it kinda does (except whenit doesn't). The Planet L Radio Show - The sound of yourself listening. Listen in: Tuesday 10-12pm More about Planet L @

Dave T
Realms of Riddum

A journey into the realms of riddum a global musical mix of funk, reggae and hip hop jazz inspired soul music from NZ and around the world. The show features guest DJ's and MC's interviews and local news and views brought to you by Fahrenheit 911.

Thursday 7-9.

DJ Brenkski
Brenski Beats

Tune in to Ms DJ Brenski and let the music speak for itself. There's always a deep mix of sounds with soul, freedom and peace, one world and one language - Music! xx

Friday 8pm - late


People and Places

Eileen presents Waiheke's Sunday morning current affairs show covering a wide range of topics from Community news and events, local politics, the arts and health. In between interviews Eileen plays a wide range of easy listening Sunday morning music from around the globe.

Listen in: Sunday 10 - 12am

Angelica Vixen (aka Bianca)

Sticky fingers

Bianca's Sticky Fingers show is a delicious blend of music from New Zealand and offshore. Specializing in Electronica, Drum and Bass as well as some seriously sexy laid back grooves. Sure to tickle your fancy and get you grooving. Watch out; cause you will get easily addicted to this finger licking good show!

Listen in: Wednesday 7- 9pm

Scott E Mathew Tetley-Jones Pania Denise Sireal San Diego ... still to come!