Saturday, April 15, 2006

Country Mike appears on Contrast Podcast #3

Yeaaah haaa!!!... yea right.

Country Mike's no straw chewing farmer type line dancing away his friday nights doing the bootscootin' boogie, forget that - I'm more of the high-tech redneck type. Lately i've been listening to the Contrast Podcast - the idea is pretty simple: a theme is set and bloggers and podcasters from all over the world are invited to send in one song + a minute or so of banter. The last theme was "the perfect 3 minutes" and your's truly, Country Mike, sent in a fine little bluegrass number by a band called Jim and Jenny and Pinetops called "My Grey and Fading Dreams" which came in at exactly 3 minutes. Mine is about 52 minutes into the podcast, but there's a lot of interesting stuff on this podcast including an 11 year old Bjork singing a beatles cover and a fine track by Sparklehorse who have put music to a William Blake poem called "London". There's a few more interesting bits in between. The great thing about listening to podcasts is you can fast-forward - it's like Tivo for radio. Speaking of podcasts we've got a few ourselves at Beach Radio - there's a couple listed here on the right. I've listened to the Counting the Beat one which is good - covers NZ Surf Music and an interview with a guy from the Boxcar Guitars who released on of my favourite CDs of last year.

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Anonymous said...

I've done another Podcast Contrast (#4), this time the theme was "quadraped" and your's truly submitted a rockin' bluesy little number by the Soledad Brothers called "Cage that Tiger" off of the "Voice of Treason" album. To check out the podcast head over to Tim Youngs site and start downloading.