Thursday, September 06, 2007

Long time no blog

Yeah I know, it's been a while but what with moving house, an overseas trip to the UK for three and half weeks and conceiving twins it's all been a bit hectic!!!

Anyways the show will be back with a vengance soon! Look out for a new show coming soon featuring ofcourse the latest significant releases with an added twist!!!

And I think we're streaming now too!! Check out this blog for an update on the great streaming debate coming soon and a big up to Brent and Chris for keeping the blog fresh of late!! I promise to do my best - Dib dib dib.etc...

Anyways to the blog in hand. As I mentioned earlier, I was back in the UK last month catching up with family and friends!!! One particular bunch of mates formed a covers band, Snoggin' the Dog (affectionately know as the STDs) a couple of years back and, bless 'em, they organised a gig for my return and subsequently asked me to sing a tune..... This was my choice!!!

Et voila...

P.S Please note raptuous applause and whooping at the end of the track!!! :-)

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