Monday, November 19, 2007

Podcasts Launched

Two Waiheke Radio stalwarts, Country Mike and Chris from Counting The Beat, have launched podcasts so now you can get a regular dose of their musical choices and comments.

Son of Country Mike continues where the Hauraki Hoedown radio show left off, with a focus on alt-country, new weird america and americana. You can read all about at Casa De Country Mike.

Counting The Beat is all kiwi, showcasing an eclectic mix of NZ Music. Recent episodes feature new releases, kiwi covers, and our very own awards show, The Alternatuis.

The downloadable installments of Son of Country Mike and Counting The Beat are hosted at BigPod. You can download show by show or sign up to BigPod and subscribe, and the shows will be delivered right to you by the wonder that is RSS.

For your convenience, the RSS feeds are posted in the sidebar, so you can subscribe right here. If you haven't subscribed to a podcast before you can check out this tutorial . It shows you how to subscribe with iTunes or any other podcasting software.

We hope you enjoy the shows.


Simon said...

Excellent blog. I enjoyed reading it. I'll be back!

Marilyn said...

Keep up the good work. Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Did you see The new competition?? All weeks will have a competition which name is "The Music of the week". All the weeks are new music candidates. The winner will get a videoclip in my blog!! I expect your vote!! please comment, too.