Saturday, August 12, 2006

DJ Simon - The Mix & Mash Radio show 12th August 2006

I was off air last week so it was good to get back behind the desk. Loadsa new stuff this week.

Tune of the week: Goose - Black gloves (Extended mix)

Peter Bjorn And John 'Young Folks' almost got there this week but this gorgeous, throbbing, funky dance tune pipped it at the post. Goose are a four-piece band from Belgian and have thrust their synth-based, rocking sound on the world, and it's catchy as hell. It's really clear that a lot of influences have gone into this release. Pumping, jerky, thick beats proliferate, allowing the track penetrates your consciousness, making it way more accessible than something you'd hear at a rave. However, it still retains that unique sound that makes Goose so special.

The combination of vocals, record scratching, synth and funky backing tune make 'Black Gloves' one of the stand-out dance releases of the year.

This is a track that could become truly mainstream in Britain, and has already demonstrated this potential by being featured on a recent ad for Coca Cola across Europe. 'Black Gloves' is due to be let out to pasture on a very limited release, and will only be available on vinyl, so you'd do well to get out there and purchase it while you can.

Hour 1 Part 2 - 19:14

Lily Allen - Smile (Digital Soundboy remix)
Britney Spears v Linus loves - Britney loves linus (Essexboy bootleg)
Destiny's Child v Thin Lizzy - Waiting for a destiny (GHP Bootleg) - Priceless!
Peter Bjorn And John - Young Folks

Hour 1 Part 3 - 18:39

GO HOME PRODUCTIONS-THE BLUE ROOM MIX (2006) As aired on Radio1's Blue Room Show 15/07/2006

01. GHP “Marvin’s Not In Love (Part1)” Marvin Gaye ‘Lets Get In On’ // 10CC ‘I’m Not In Love’
02. Mark Vidler “Strawfields To Skyplain”
03. GHP “Cold Missy School Cut” Coldcut ‘The Music Maker’ // Coldcut ‘True Skool’ // Missy Elliot ‘One Minute Man’
04. GHP “Don’t Hold Back (Sweet Jane)” Chemical Brothers ‘Galvanize’ // The Velvet Underground ‘Sweet Jane’..... U2 ‘I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For’ // MARRS ‘Pump Up The Volume’ // Blur ‘To The End’
05. Mark Vidler vs Andre Popp “Ophelian Dub” Andre Popp ‘Ophelia’
06. GHP “Velvet Sugar” The Archies ‘Sugar Sugar’ // The Velvet Underground ‘I’m Waiting For The Man’..... Bassment Jaxx ‘Where’s Your Head At?’
07. GHP “Riders Of Love” ABC ‘The Look Of Love (Part 4) // The Doors ’Riders On The Storm’
08. GHP “I Can’t Freak Her” XTC ‘I Can’t Own Her’ // Adina Howard ‘Freak Like Me'
09. GHP “Paul Wilson” The Beach Boys ‘I Guess I Just Wasn’t Made For These Times’ // Wings ‘Let ’Em In’
10. GHP “All My Birds” The Beatles “All My Loving” // The Beatles ‘For No One’ // Annie Lennox “Little Bird’

This entire mix (above) was ripped from a gohomeproductions set put together for the Blue Room and broadcast on BBC Radio 1 last month is available to download @

Hour 2 Part 1 - 19:22

Jim Noir - Eanie meany (fat boy slim radio edit)
Madonna - Lycra Virgin (Mock & Toof remix)
Justin Timberlake - Sexy back
Gorillaz - Kids with guns - Hot chip remix
Lazy Boy - Underwear Goes Inside the Pants

Hour 2 Part 3 - 24:52

Goldfrapp - Ride a white horse (fk ek vocal version)
Donna Summer v Gnarls Barclay - I Feel Crazy (PartyBen mashup)
Scissor sisters - I dont feel like dancing (Paper faces mix)
Goose - Black gloves (Extended mix)

Beach Radio's live streaming is down at the moment while we switch ISP but check back to soon to listen live 12-2 here in NZ, 1am BST and 2am CET.


Anonymous said...

nice show - i was waivering in and out of conciousness sick with the leurgy on the couch and listening to it. The Lazy Boy track almost cured me.

SnM said...
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SnM said...

Yeah it's a good track that isnt it! I stumbled on it this week. That said it is two years old now!!! Go check out the video @