Sunday, June 04, 2006

Counting the Beat - The Hunt Brings Us Life

The feature album on this weeks Counting the Beat is The Hunt Brings Us Life, the new solo album from Samuel Flynn Scott of the Phoenix Foundation. Scott is the second PF member to release a solo album; Luke Buda also put out a good CD, Special Surprise, earlier in the year. Download tracks from the Buda album here.

Samuel Flynn Scott has been busy. As well as recording and releasing the solo album, he has been touring with The Phoenix Foundation and playing with his other band Bunnies on Ponies. Bunnies don't have any releases but there is video footage of them playing live. For more info on Scott, check out this television interview or this great spoof press release for The Hunt Brings Us Life by Russell Brown.

Of Scott's and Buda's albums my pick is Scott's The Hunt Brings Us Life, although I would recommend both to any fan of the Phoenix Foundation. Incidentally, I will also be featuring a rare PF track on the radio show. Buenos Dias is a cut from a little known EP the band put out in 2001 titled China Cove. That EP came out on Lovely Horse Recordings. The equine theme has continued, the fist PF album was titled Horse Power, while the second, Pegasus, featured a horse on the cover. The Phoenix Foundation have a nice website with both video and audio downloads.

Watch out for future posts - there are some great Counting the Beat specials on the way this month.

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